Informix adapter for Ruby on Rails



Latest release

Installation instructions for Ruby on Rails 1.x

Copy the file informix_adapter.rb into the directory:


where RUBYLIB is probably /usr/local/lib/ruby in Unix, and C:\ruby\lib\ruby in Windows.

After that edit:


and modify the line with RAILS_CONNECTION_ADAPTERS to look like this:

RAILS_CONNECTION_ADAPTERS = %w( mysql postgresql sqlite firebird sqlserver db2 oracle sybase openbase informix )

Installation instructions for Ruby on Rails 2.x

$ gem install activerecord-informix-adapter

Ruby on Rails configuration

The adapter has three options: database, user and password, with only database being mandatory. A database.yml file would look like this:

development: adapter: informix database: dbname@dbservername

If no user and password are specified, the user running the web server is used.